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Orthodontic treatments, braces especially, can move your teeth over the course of several months or a couple of years. At the office of Vimala D. Vontela, DDS, your orthodontist plans your braces treatment in Manteca, CA, and checks in with you regularly to answer your questions and make sure everything's going smoothly. 

Braces improve your oral health

You might think of braces as a cosmetic treatment because they make your teeth straighter, which makes for a more attractive smile. Braces go beyond cosmetic improvements to make oral health and hygiene more accessible. When your teeth are straight and well-aligned, it's easier to keep them clean and clear bacteria from your gum line.

Having straighter teeth also prevents tooth wear by dispersing the pressure of your bite across your jaw so it isn't concentrated on one or two teeth. When the pressure is even across the jaw, you have far fewer chances of breaking, chipping, or wearing down a tooth. 

How to prepare to wear braces

A thorough checkup and cleaning are necessary before you get braces. Your orthodontist for braces in Manteca, CA, performs these services and looks at your teeth to see which issues need correction, like overbite, underbite, or crossbite. They also take X-rays and pictures to use as they plan your alignment with braces.

Some people need to use devices called spacers before getting braces. Spacers create space between molars toward the back of your mouth so that bands can go around them while you have braces. If your dentist recommends them, you'll wear them for about a week before getting braces. 

What to expect

You should get a feel for the foods and habits you'll need to avoid while having braces before you get them. Your dentist gives you explicit instructions before cementing the brackets to your teeth, which include: 

  • Avoid very hard and solid foods
  • Don't chew on solid objects absentmindedly
  • Brush in a circular motion around each bracket
  • Attend all appointments with your dentist
  • Floss under your braces and between your teeth
  • Stop chewing gum while wearing braces 

You'll have regular follow-up visits during your time with braces so your dentist can tighten the wires, adjust the bands, track your progress, and clean your teeth. 

If you're considering braces to fix an underbite, overbite, gaps, or other tooth alignment issues, call Vimala D. Vontela, DDS for a consultation for braces in Manteca, CA, at (209) 823-7655.

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